English Faq

Q : Are the tickets named ?
R : Yes but we do not check identification so you can easily sell it. 

Q : For the 4 days ticket, what time does the festival start and finish?
R : The 4-day ticket starts on the Thursday at 6 pm (18h) and finishes on Sunday around 6-7 pm (18H 6 19H. You can stay on site from 12 am on the Thursday until Monday 12 am.

Q : f I want to resell my place how to proceed ?
R : Vous pouvez aussi rejoindre notre Resale ticket facebook group.

Q : Are there one day only tickets or one night only tickets?
R : No, we only do full day tickets

Q : Can we pay via Paypal ?
R : No.



Q : Will dogs be allowed in the festival ?
A : No, dogs are forbidden in all the festival and campsite.

Q : How are the campsites?
R : There are 3 campsites, the campsite 1 is close to the entrance of the festival but noisier, campsites 2 and 3 are located lower and are quiet.

Q : Will showers be installed?
A: Yes from 10h to 20h there are showers, they will be open (as at the beach), biodegradable soap required!

Q :Can we set up camp with our friends who have a van if we have a car ?
A : Yes no problem.

Q : Will there be any electric outlets in the camping site?
A : No electric plugs will be available in the camp site but a stand where you can charge your phones will be present.

Q : Will there be a heavy weight vehicle access?
A : Yes, heavy weight vehicles and camping cars are welcome

Q : Do you accept cars on the camping site?
A : No.

Q : Are camp stoves allowed on the camping site ?
A : No, there is a high risk of fire in that period of the year

Q : Can we arrive one day earlier on the site?
A : No, you cannot set up until Thursday 11 – 12 AM but you can enjoy numerous spots along the river Collias

Q : Will there be any drinking water points in the festival and on the camping?
A : There will be two water points but with non-treated water. For the drinking water, you can have some free at the bar with your glass or buy a 1.5l bottle for 1euro

Q : When do we have to leave the campsite when the festival is over ?
A : You can leave the campsite on Monday in the day at the latest.

Q : Will dogs be allowed in the festival?

A : No, dogs are forbidden in all the festival and campsite

Q : Can we go in and out freely ?

A : Yes of course, it is the main principle of the Son Libre. You can also bring your alcohol in plastic bottles

Q : Will there be any lockers on site?

A : Yes the deposit will be 1 euro

Q : Are you going to put water sprayers on the dance floor like last year?

A : Yes, many sprayers will be present on the dance floors

Q : Will cans be authorized in the festival?

A : Yes but only metal cans. No glass is allowed in the festival